13 Holstein Close, Kingsholme

When considering a builder, I wanted someone that could capture the unique lifestyle and acreage living of Montego Hills, Kingsholme.  I wanted a home where people would stop and admire it not only for its creative design and materials used but also for its superior build quality.  

Ben and Jo from Maddison Constructions together with the help of Paul Wilson from William H Wilson were the perfect combination to make my dream a reality.   With their vision and expertise, we were able to create a home that used the land’s contours to its advantage, resulting in a well thought out functional split level home.   

I remember people always asking ‘so, what horror stories can you tell me’ where I would just look at them and say ‘None. The experience has been great’.  There was always clear communication and expectations of both parties and none of those nasty surprises or hidden extras. 

Ben was always transparent and included me in discussions and decisions along the way.  Ben and Jo have a wonderful company with the support of superb building crew who were very well respected and regarded by Villawood Properties. 

Maddison Constructions team were known as the tidy builders and a company who complied with building and estate covenants.   To see elevations drawings transform to peers in the ground, frame stage, walls up, floors down and to have everything you have conceptualised for so long finally come together was such a delight. 

The memories together with the hundreds, yes hundreds, of progress photos is something that will remain forever.   I can now proudly say ‘that’s my home’.

Unfortunately, every great journey must come to an end and with that comes the million thank you’s

Thank you to Stephan for his leadership, dedication, attention to detail and always being available.

Thank you to Ben, Stephan, Phil, John, James, Jordan and the other boys for always being punctual and very respectful to me and my boys.  It is very much appreciated.

Thank you for building and treating my home as you would your own.

Thank you to Ben and Jo for taking on my project and for just making things easy.   You are all assets to the team that is Maddison Constructions. 

I think it is safe to say you live up to your motto ‘Quality is Standard’.

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We are a building company which specialises in new homes, renovations, extensions, and pole homes for difficult terrains.  Maddison Constructions have been serving the communities of Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast and hinterland for well over 20 years.
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